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What we should learn from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (Feb 24, 1955-Oct 6, 2011)


''Your time is limited, so don't waste living someone's life''-Taken from the renowed speech delivered by Steve Jobs at the Stanford University. The life of a great hero today ended after fighting for many years agains Pancreatic cancer. There is never bad time to start a good thing. A college left-out and a fighter who was ousted from own Company, Steve Jobs always gave sufficient time to plan for his future under any circumstances. Foundation of Pixar Animation Studios was one of the great success in Steve Jobs career after himself being expelled from Apple. His company delivered the most acclaimed animated movies at those time like: Monster Inc. (2001), Toy Story (2003). The breakthrough in Steve Jobs career started in 1995 with movie Toy Story which itself produced gross income of $350million worldwide. The comeback of Steve Jobs in Apple Corp. produced some of the marvellous electronic gadgets. The great iPod lunched in 2001 had revolutioned the music industry with very fancy and stylisch mp3 player with distinctive white earphones. Unfortuntely, in 2003, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Then, he went for a surgery in 2004, hiding from people. During the lunch of Macbook Air in 2008, his supercool attire with plain jeans and a neck jumper was loved by everypeople in the entire world.

A common man who pushed the entire human race to next level can never be neclected. A great personality, a great visonary, a great mentor, a great thinker, and a great contributor, who has changed the world of Electronics Industry is no longer with us. I would like to express my deep and sad condolence under sudden demise of Mr. Steve Jobs. He would be in my heart forever.


Renowed Speech from Steve Jobs at Stanford University




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