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Gateway to the Future Communication System by Quantum Entanglement

Over the last decades, quantum mechanics has developed as interdisciplinary branch of physics, which exploits one of the prominent physical and quantum mechanical phenomena, quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is such quantum phenomena that happen at the heart of quantum communication and quantum computation. Man has always sought of new discoveries and inventions that make our life easier and simpler. People devised the communication system for easy transmission of information and electronics as the medium of storage and computation. Embarking on the era nanotechnology is the outcome of the demerits which we’re facing today, which includes huge power consumption and greater chip area.

Hence, device fabricated in nano sizes demands quantum information rather than classical information as the mode of communication. Quantum entanglement is that mode of quantum communication utilized by the nano-sized devices that leads to lots of advantages which isn’t possible in classical information system. Quantum entanglement will lead us to that era of quantum communication in nano-world which deals with every necessity for essential communication system and development of communication mechanism.

Electron spin is the quantum information, which is stored as the spin of a single electron. Such electron spin is the quantum mechanical information, which can be represented by spin-qubits. Spin-qubits are when entangled, there exists not only either clockwise or anti-clockwise spin, but also every possible spin positions between clockwise and anti-clockwise spin, and it forms the basic platform of quantum information storage. Similarly, photons are also entangled and there too exist in two states whether vertical or horizontal states and both of them. Maximally entangled spin-state pair are those states lying on eithr clockwise or anti-clockwise spin and in the case of photons either itis horizontal or vertical polarization states. Advantages of quantum entanglement include quantum teleportation for long distance communication through available medium, quantum cryptography for the secured communication and development of quantum computer for high speed quantum computation. Additionally, quantum teleportation results in very high speed communication in the available classical channel.  


Fig: Cartesian c-ordinate based representation of a Qubit (Quantum Bits) by the Bloch Sphere. In contrast to classical bits (0 and 1), the Qubits can have any value between |0> and |1>.


Enter Inside Quantum Entanglement and its Aspects (Presentation)



Earth Station Communication System

Abstract: This study is the outcome of the 'In-Plant Training in Satellite Communication' held at Sagarmatha Earth Station, Balambu, Kathmandu, Nepal on May-June 2006. This study has investigated the essential field of communication engineering i.e. Satellite Communication along with basic of communication between ground station (Earth Station) and Satellite. In this research program we study essential equipments needed for earth to satellite communication. Study also reveals the latest technology in antenna propagation used by Nepal Telecom for wireless communication. Advantages due to utilization of latest equipments and it cost effectiveness is also studied in this research program.

Benefit: This study reveals the importance of Earth Station in the field of Satellite Communication. Sagarmatha Earth Station being only Earth Station of Nepal, it has served to all the people of Nepal from the date of its establishment. Communication between remote district like Humla, Jumla, Mugu, Kalikot e.t.c where wired communication can never be thought of, is made possible only via this earth station. As we have entered into the modern era of high speed communication i.e. Optical Fibre communication still we are not able to utilize it efficiently being a landlocked country. So, satellite communication is only alternative for country like Nepal. Thus, functions of this station is very promising and appreciating in context of Nepal. As a whole, we can say this station is fully dedicated to Nepalese welfare and development.

Sagaramatha Earth Station_Balambu, Kathmandu, Nepal

Fig: Snapshot of the Sagaramatha Earth Station situated at Balambu, Kathmandu, Nepal.




Nanoscale Devices

Organic Electronics



⇒ Magnetic Memory Unit

⇒ Nano-Fabrication

⇒ Single Molecular Rectifiers

Introducton to OFETs

OFET Electrical Characterization (a, b)

Gate Field Dependent Moblity





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